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The Scentsy Diffuser

The Scentsy Diffuser, our most personal fragrance experience yet. Simply add water and your favourite Scentsy Oil to the reservoir, choose your light and mist option and enjoy. The Scentsy Diffuser releases your perfect fragrance, carried in a microscopic mist, for an exclusively natural, full-bodied, immediate experience precisely matched to your personal preferences.

A Simple System

    1. Add clean, cold tap water to the reservoir ll line (about 120 mL).
    2. Add your choice of 21 essential and 100% natural Scentsy Oils. We recommend starting with 4-5 drops of oil and adding more or less to suit your personal preferences and the size of your space.
    3. Choose your light setting. Press the light button once for high, twice for low, three times for candle effect and four times to turn it off. For colour modes, press the light button for 1.5 seconds from the off position to cycle through all 12 colours. Press the light button again to advance to the next colour or set the diffuser to a speci c colour.
    4. Choose your diffuser mode. Press the droplet button once for high (4 hours), twice for low (8 hours) and three times to turn it off. Hold the droplet button for 1.5 seconds from the off position for intermittent mode.
    5. Enjoy beautiful Scentsy fragrance for up to 8 hours.
Features and Benefits The world’s most advanced ultrasonic nebulising diffuser
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 16 LED light options
  • The only diffuser offering interchangeable decorative shades to complement any décor
  • Delivers a consistent fragrance experience
  • High, low and intermittent diffuser modes give you complete control over the intensity and longevity of your fragrance experience
  • Customise your fragrance experience by adding more or less oil
  • Cold-mist technology allows you to enjoy Scentsy fragrance instantly without waiting
ESSENTIAL OILS – Harvested from the most fragrant botanicals in the world, our pure essential oils deliver a singular fragrance. Combine with other Scentsy Oils to create a personalised sensory experience. 15 ml each EUCALYPTUS – Derived from the leaves of eucalyptus globulus, known for its green, herbal qualities. This bold oil creates a bracing, cleansing fragrance. LAVENDER – Classic lavandula angustifolia is famous for its exquisite perfume. The essence of calm and relaxation, it is equally oral, sweet and herbaceous. PEPPERMINT – Uplifting, cooling peppermint infuses a room with clarifying freshness. Our mentha piperita is loved for its aromatic qualities. Nothing awakens your mood or brightens up your space like our handcrafted Scentsy Diffuser — now available in seven stunning designs to offer you a completely personalised fragrance experience. Add water and your favourite all-natural Scentsy Oils, choose your lighting and mist settings and wake up your senses — with a lifetime guarantee! 34539aspireshadepwsfw20150 r1homereflectdiffusershadeisopws300fw16 34540evolveshadepwsfw20150 r1homeevokediffuserglowisopws300fw16 r1homeenlivendiffuserglowisopws300fw161
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