Hosting a Scentsy Party is EASY!

It couldn’t be easier to have a Scentsy Party. This post details how simple it actually is. A Scentsy Party is a great way to see our Scentsy product range close up and easily ask all the questions that you may have about Scentsy. Why not book a Scentsy Party yourself?


Scentsy Party

Scentsy Party

3-ways-to-partyIt’s never a bad time to quickly remind you about the amazing Scentsy Party Host Rewards that are available to you when you book a Scentsy party with me. So make sure to take the time to read the below information for when you are ready to try something different.

My Story

I am at Scentsy Director and have been part of the Scentsy family for more than 5 years. I have team all across the world and absolutely love all things Scentsy and the freedom that it gives me to not only create independence and a steady income for myself, but also the way that I work my own hours and never let work come between me and my family. Please contact me today to find out more information of how you can start your own Scentsy journey. Scentsy Family Director Follow Wickfree Scented Warmers on Our Scentsy Blog.